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Solution Technology: Preactor
U.S. Paint Improves Performance with Preactor® APS
While customer service levels were high, management of the shop floor was increasingly difficult and that higher customer service levels were possible. Increasing work-in-progress levels were choking the shop floor. The risk of losing agility and the speedy responsiveness was of increasing concern.
Solution Description
Preactor 400 APS replaced the manual scheduling board. Preactor was integrated with bar-code systems and positioning stations to update information strategically on the shop floor.
- 50% decrease in work-in-process
- 20% decrease in production lead time
- 20% reduction in total finished goods inventory as a direct result of reduction in WIP and lead times
“Once the reduction in work-in-progress became the norm on the shop floor, the reaction
 from the shop floor was interesting. Workers came up to me worrying that business had taken a downturn, and [the production scheduler] found [him]self explaining that work flow was going to be smoother because paint batches were scheduled just-in-time by using Preactor.”
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U.S. Paint is the market leader in coatings supplied to the power sports market and other OEM industries. U.S. Paint is focused on being the premier supplier of coatings for exterior automotive parts (mirrors, trim, spoilers, molding, bumpers, grills, and other plastic parts).
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