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Solution Technology: Preactor
Preactor Keeps Spec-Temp’s Temper Under Control
Working as a Manufacture To Order (MTO) supplier, Spec-Temp typically completes between 75 and 100 orders a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year so deciding on a ‘best’ order to run all of this work is a task that is virtually impossible for any person
Solution Description
Preactor 400 APS integrated with Spec-Temp's ERP system
Preactor has eased the burden on Spec-Temp’s scheduling staff and has provided the company with a much greater understanding of the loading across the entire production facility. This has in turn delivered the ability to see the effects of schedule changes, planned and unplanned – something which was simply impossible beforehand. Consequently, Spec-Temp has been able to react in a much more informed way which has enabled the company to deliver these benefits on to its customers.
“Assessing the $ throughput impact due to Preactor is a difficult proposition in a business climate where order volumes are volatile and cyclical and where other changes such as manpower levels can have such a drastic effect. That notwithstanding, we have held our own in the recent down business cycle and have seen record production levels in recent months and we do attribute that in some proportion to better resource utilization through the use of Preactor.Whatever our [future] plans [with Preactor], one thing is for certain and that is they will certainly involve the expertise of Quinn and Associates. They are a very professional, knowledgeable group of people. I have not hit them with a technical question or issue yet that they have been unable to resolve."
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