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Solution Technology: Preactor
Preactor® Gives Clarity to Production Scheduling at Libbey
Libbey has many factory constraints that were handled via spreadsheets and tribal knowledge. Due to the manual nature there was a lot of room for error and the planners and schedulers knew there were opportunities that were being overlooked since the information was so spread out among multiple individuals.
Solution Description
The Preactor 400 APS was integrated with multiple systems, including Libbey's ERP system and its in-house developed shop floor and data maintenance system. A complex rule was developed that considered:

““Preactor does a pretty good job with trying to handle our system of extremely complex rules and constraints. The system is pretty flexible and allows us to modify certain things to make the model better and more useful.Our requirements were very complex and required a lot of communication and changes with Quinn & Associates. Most changes were completed that day so that we were able to continue our testing and parallel phases without missing a beat”.
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Libbey Inc. is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of glass tableware products.
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