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Solution Technology: Preactor
Cutting Waste Generates Uniform Benefits at FJ Miller
Almost every order is a new item or a substantial variation on an older item, preventing client from just reusing old patterns. There is a large time period between supplying the customer with a quote along with an estimated delivery date, and the customer coming back with a confirmed purchase order from their school or group.
Solution Description
Preactor 300 FCS with over 1600 orders in Preactor integrated with a system where Preactor could export the schedule data and then import it into an MS Access database, where time ticket info could be entered. The data would then be passed back to Preactor. A database and interface was set up that would allow times for each step to be entered, and then the software would look at the times for each step, convert that to a number of pieces that should be done, before entering it as a mid-batch update in Preactor.
An increased knowledge about every order the company has. The overtime was reduced by 50%, and has been reduced to almost nothing in the second year of use. The enforced modeling of its systems helped the company to look at everything with a critical eye which in turn led to the realization that major efficiency savings could be achieved with only minor operational changes.
“In Preactor, we have a solution which matches very closely our business processes, one which has helped us fine tune these processes, and one which helps deliver the best results across our entire business. The fact it was so inexpensive is an additional bonus!”
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An innovator in the design and manufacture of uniforms, in addition to providing equipment and supplies for pageantry groups, Fred J. Miller’s customers include marching bands for high schools and colleges, drum corps, color guards, majorette and baton corps, dance lines, etc.
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